Date: 1st February 2018 at 8:10am
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Final day a bit of a farce, but I think it’s purely down to the Spireites not able to get a decent replacement at the last minute, in which case, can’t blame anyone, but it’s worrying there was no plan b or that it wasn’t done sooner in the window. Never agree with the final day, you see a lot of panic buys across the divisions. They should just have the Summer window in my eyes and sleep in the bed you make but keep open till say end of October. Some crazy money is spent last minute on the final day/hours.

Krisitan Dennis or Les Dennis
Glad we didn’t get him, league 2 player at best after reading some comments from their fans, inconsistent etc. We’ve signed players before that have a good record at lower levels, we sign these players purely to score goals, Ross Hannah springs to mind. We’ve already got strikers that can score, Alex Jones I’ve no idea what McAwfull has done to him this season. Wallowing away on the bench is far from helping.

Any positives?
Warnock I think is the best signing, not brilliant, but no worse than what we currently have, the other 2, take it or leave it. Nothing to get the juices flowing. McMahon unsettled, Wyke I think he’s unsettled and he’s kinda off the boil at the mo, apart from the pen, not many goals of late. £5m would have been great, but one of those, be great to get that money for a player, but great he’s still around. Top 6 I think will be too much to ask come May though with the current shower we have. The club have priced other clubs off, Beeston spent £2.5m on some kid who has scored 5 goals at out level (good luck to that), Boro was looking at another striker, don’t know if they landed one, but they never made a serious enquiry about Wyke. Wyke now will be thinking of what might have been this past couple of weeks and the Summer could be big, will he want to stay or go?

Roll on May, we need to strip this squad apart and start afresh. I would even get rid of McMahon and get some fresh impetus across the pitch. Apart from Wyke, I don’t think there is 1 player I would keep at this stage, even Omari has been left to rot after an impressive start a few months ago.