All a Bit Gray, Son

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This article has been held back slightly ,as we waited for the first press conference for Simon Grayson since his arrival at Valley Parade.
This was held as per usual on the Thursday as per all presser days and the main question on EVERYONE’s lips was – ‘Simon, how long is the contract for’. The reply was quite simple – ‘Until the end of the season, that was my choice’.

This answer is excellent, both for him and for us.

Why is it good for him?
Well think about it, he’s coming to a club that ultimately is a bit broken. He knows the chairmen REALLY wanted him and wanted a longer deal, but then he also knows that Rahic likes to be a tinkerman. SO from his point of view he stays til the end of the season, assesses the input he has and whether the relationship will work or not then take it from there. Perhaps he takes us up and then he decides ‘I cant do this’ – its easier then to walk away citing no contract than ‘I didn’t see eye to eye with the chairman’

Even then, what if he wants to stay longer but doesnt like HOW hands on the chairman is. He can use it as a bargaining tool. He’s already showed he can play the mind games, firstly by getting the contract then his comments with Karl Robinson.

Why good for us?
As briefed above, we’re a tad broken at the minute and our wounds need to heal. We need someone who can patch up our damage and helps us move on. From Grayson’s point of view he’ll want to do that so not only will he be trying to make sure he can be up n the running for a new contract, but also to rekindle his reputation (not that it needs much). He has a record of bringing clubs up out of League 1 and I’m certain he’ll want to continue this run or success. So form this side its a no brainer. But what if he fails and we end up mid table? Well, we can say ‘thanks but no thanks’ at the end of the season .

Many of the Bantams fans were furious to learn that Grayson had only been given 6 months, without reading the reason why or the fact it was actually Grayson’s decision.

What do you think of the contract scenario or the fact that the chairmen both appear to be away from duties more since McCall have left and arent at matches, arent at pressers?

Has Grayson said ‘leave it to me and my team’?

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