Date: 4th July 2017 at 8:31am
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One thing I am jealous over with clubs like Huddersfield Town is we just can’t produce young talent and filter them into the squad. You’ve got to go back about 10 years and even then when most of the players they left City couldn’t stay in the football league, with the odd exception. Some may point to McBurnie in more recent times, but when it came to first team football, he was poor and couldn’t make the grade. Huddersfield owe a lot of their success over the past couple of decades to youth players they have brought into the game, some of whom have played at City in their older ages over the past couple of season.

Is youth and pace the answer?
With the signings we have made recently, Poleon who I really don’t rate, I’ve seen him play during his Leeds days and is a player even in those days I felt destined to play 4th-5th tier football, he was out of position and dived more often than Adrian Moorhouse, Chicksen who had his best part of his career over 4 years ago, Taylor who hasn’t really been scoring goals in the last 5 years and I feel is a poor signing and don’t see as an improvement in any which way shape or form and McCartan I actually feel will be a good signing. From what I am seeing, we should have an attack with a bit of pace. I might not be confident or happy with a couple of the signings, but I will back them 100%, good or bad and I love players to prove me wrong during their time with us.

So let’s break this down. Dominic Poleon, he was billed as having raw talent, a lot of potential (as 99% of players do under the age of 25) and has some pace about him. Chicksen had a good start to his footballing career and if McCall can get that from him, we might have a little hidden gem in him. Taylor, let’s forget the off field issues he may have had which a few fans have highlighted, that was years ago and consigned to history, McCall won’t suffer fools and with the options at his disposal, the team will come first. Taylor doesn’t have goals in him, I don’t think he could score if he was the only person on the planet, but he has pace, defenders could find themselves run rugged when visiting Valley Parade next season. McCartan has recently received his first international cap with Northern Ireland and we seem to have done well with players from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in recent years. So with Poleon, Taylor, Jones, Wyke and McCartan could we be having a pacey 3 upfront and able to change the attacking formation midway through games? McCall should have options irrespective who we play.

Taking 29 year old Taylor out of the equation, the other signings all have long term potential which also gives the club potential to sell on for a nice fee. We are not bleeding our own youth players in, but the owners are spending money with a clear vision of looking at tomorrow, not just today. Messrs McCall seems to do a good job on getting the best from his players with Mark Marshall the perfect example, and with game time, these signings may prove to be very shrewd additions. For me, these are not signings for immediate promotion, maybe at the 2nd attempt, but they can be good enough to push and make anyone in the division earn the right, and with a bit of luck well, you never know. I’m really on the fence this year as to how our season may go, news today at time of writing McMahon will sign a new contract on Monday turning down Blackburn which is great news and probably the right one for Tony, and I pray Kilgallon can make double figured appearances in all competitions this coming season, something he struggles to do, but if he stays injury free, will provide some valuable experience.

We have got the pace, the potential, the attacking options, now let’s see about the supply, who will be first choices in the middle of the park and protecting our keepers. Just a few more signings and I think we will be there. Nicely timed for the pre season openers. One thing we have struggled with in the Parkinson era, we just couldn’t sign a half decent striker, McCall has definitely the opportunity with the signings this year to finally get that monkey off our back and see how far he can take Poleon, Chicksen, McCartan, Wyke and Jones, and the more experienced Taylor. Whatever happens, on paper we should see some entertaining stuff in 2017/18 with a couple of dramas. I really do want Poleon and Taylor to prove me wrong and for both to have a great season.

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