Date: 16th June 2017 at 5:10pm
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Ooooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OK OK OK OK OK. There is some tosh about our chairmen and Stuart McCall of late. If bloggers are anything to go by, ‘I am staying’ means ‘I am getting sacked’, I’m guessing there are loads of people locally wanting to stay in their jobs then, or not stay in them? Hang on, I’m befuddled here. Rahic and Rupp are marauders from the Fatherland and are looking at pillaging Valley Parade and will walk away as soon as we get half a million pounds from the incentives from both Wells and Wisdom leaving us high and dry.

Well. Hmmmmmmm. Honestly, I am seriously lost for words when I read some of the blogs past few weeks. We even had the same comments aimed at Mark Lawn which I will highlight there would be no Bradford City if it wasn’t for Lawn’s contribution to the club, and I’m not just talking financially. I really don’t have the energy or will power to bring some of the intelligence to a wider audience that is, to be frank, just getting boring. Apparently by the end of this coming week McCall will be sacked even though the club say he won’t be, our Chairmen will be long gone with the season ticket money and transfer fees, this is after they have picked the team, we won’t have any players at all. Also we can’t afford to buy anyone because we only charge about £150 per adult ticket, not taking into account juniors, pensioners or flexi tickets. On the other hand, we shouldn’t charge more because that’s extortionate for a city like Bradford because everyone is out of work, I guess they all said they are staying. We will be relegated and go bankrupt because we won’t sell 20000 adult season tickets, Oh and German buddy buddy Rosler will be in charge. So, in a nutshell, we won’t have any fans, we won’t have any chairmen or players, we won’t keep new and old fans, no money, but we will have Uwe Rosler sat in the dug out watching 11 opposing players on an empty pitch in a desolated ground where our long gone chairmen have picked the squad from zero players, chosen the tactics because they have coaching badges, and yet it will be still more entertaining than what might be served up at Elland road.

So, what of the Club’s backing of McCall?
At the time 12 months ago I was disgusted how Parkinson was treated, rumours of him being replaced by Rosler or anyone else in fact was to be expected as with any incoming chairmen at any club, but what I didn’t feel fitting for my club, we (our chairmen) stayed silent and not backing Parkinson at all publicly or even being straight with the fan base saying they want their own man in, I would have accepted that, I wouldn’t have been happy, but I would have accepted it. This led to Phil signing for Bolton, I now look back at that, and from an outside perspective it appears he was told he could leave and he may have had a couple of offers elsewhere, with silence the best message surrounding the uncertainty, maybe it was something Bolton wanted so to keep his impending departure as hush hush as possible. Maybe the incoming chairmen wanted to assess their options before committing.

Now with McCall, a rumour started by a ‘respected’ journalist, we are talking about The Sun here, claiming McCall is ready to walk out and quit. Stuart came out shortly afterwards saying he’s not, he’s staying put, then the rumour mill started as it does, Rahic and Rupp pick the team and tactics and who we sign. McCall is fed up of everyone leaving with his hands tied behind his back and supporters have mixed emotions on if he did well or not this past season, the chairmen clearly disappointed. What I will say about this situation, the club came out a day or 2 later making an official statement backing our manager. Doesn’t matter if you like McCall or not, unlike last year, our manager got the public backing from his Chairmen, this wasn’t a vote of confidence, it wasn’t to dampen the flames, it was a statement of intent that the Chairmen have got the man they want to succeed and we have a manager that is committed to the cause. So in my eyes the chairmen are better handling such public relations regarding the club and staff from a year ago, and I’m hoping, they understand and appreciate stability is what’s required. Sacking or driving managers out every 2 minutes doesn’t work, look at Elland Road as a perfect example, if they remained with one of their managers a from a few years ago, could the Beeston based club be in the Premiership already? What is for sure, they wouldn’t be in a worse position. I’m just very glad the club haven’t remained silent this time. Good news, bad news, every club owes it to their supporters.

Can we really read Rahic and Rupp?
In a single word, NO! The German way of doing things are different, they express themselves differently, they interact differently, and it will take time for them to get used to the English train of thought. I’ve worked with Germans before and everything about them is different, their mannerisms, humour, but one thing I’ve learned, they don’t make silly rash decisions for the sake of it, well, usually. They brought in a good team, McCall and Abbott, on the face of it 2 managers, reminded me a bit of when we told Bryan Robson his number 2 will be Colin Todd which he didn’t approve but had no say in the matter, so it is easy to say Abbott has been installed as McCall’s successor, after all Abbott is quite a decent manager to be totally fair and a bit of a coup for such a role. I’d admit, I would have been happy if we signed him 12 months ago as a manager instead of McCall, but let’s look at ourselves being very lucky having Abbott and McCall on board. So having a decent manager as a Chief Scout identifying players isn’t something I am used to at Valley Parade, but for our Chairmen it could be just the norm, another pair of eyes, a 2nd opinion for the manager, this would give McCall more time with the first team squad and sourcing his top targets. The players signed the past 12 months, can we honestly say McCall signed Wyke or Jones or that the mistakes of Vuckic and McNulty might have been down to Abbott. But as a team, it seems to work, both McCall and Abbott will have their sources, and with 2 respected managers looking for players, the pool of contacts will be widened and between them they have signed some decent players. Also to mention our chairmen having contacts back in Germany, again, is this a bad thing? It would be nice if McCall checked in on his old club in Sheffield especially after promotion.

How should we handle the news that McCall isn’t getting sacked or quitting?
To be honest, with a sigh of relief. Stuart has definitely earned the right to try for a 2nd season, he built on the foundations set down by Parkinson no question, but he went a step further than his predecessor. It is never a good scenario attracting players when there is uncertainty over the manager’s head, nor is it good relations with the fan base. Either get rid or back him. Either stay or go. The public backing is more for the fans’ sake than McCall’s, and irrespective what bloggers claim to think or some journalists, there is no conspiracy theory. Everyone wants the club to move forward and get promoted, Rahic, Rupp, McCall and Abbott seem very level headed decent people and know how the cogs fit into the machine. McCall may not have ripped the division to shreds, he may not have produced an unforgettable season, he may have missed out on targets, at times he may have been unhappy with how things have gone. But on the whole, trying to look at it without emotion, at a first attempt, it wasn’t bad, and success should never be expected from any manager’s initial season in charge, no matter who you are, well apart from anyone managing Celtic.

Huddersfield Town in the Prem, is it really that bad
Is it a bad thing for City? No, definitely not. First off they will give us £250k because of the Wells’ deal, but one thing might be a little less obvious. Our near neighbours have finally been promoted to the first division for a very long time, they will be buying players which will mean it will be harder for the fringe players and youth, so it really might be worth watching what is happening as we might be able to snap up a couple of cheap players they want to offload either permanently or on loan. Huddersfield has always been good at producing young talent, and with the positiveness around the club at the moment, they will definitely have a couple of cherries that will be worth picking. So if we are a little astute this close season, can Town making the grade actually benefit City? All I know is that some of their biggest players will be shoved to the fringes, some of their fringe players to the reserves, they are a club that have always produced and signed decent players, and Town are a club we should definitely be asking about any potential signings. Also, let’s hope they sign a couple of strikers and force Wells’ hand into a transfer, he has 1 season left on his contract and we get nothing if he walks.

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