Date: 15th February 2009 at 10:56am
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You know the score, but how did they play

Rhys Evans – 7
Very competent performance from Rhys who claimed balls into the box very well and made a couple of important saves, as well as making sure of some that were going wide. He was also vocally commanding but if there were any speck on his performance it was his Donovan Ricketts-emulating attempts to dribble round Matt Harrold and some of his kicking was off today but these are minor as he recorded his 12th clean sheet of the season.

Paul Arnison – 7
Didn’t put a foot wrong all afternoon. Defended well and supported the attack too. One past experience he is likely to lose out to Rehman when Lee returns on Tuesday but on this performance he shouldn’t.

Luke O’Brien – 8
A very, very good performance from Luke. ThorneInMySide will disagree I’m sure but it would be hard on Luke whose passing, tackling and running were all excellent.

Matt Clarke – 7
Really good game from Clarkey as he was able to focus on defending and nothing else. Having Law and Furman on the pitch seems to starve him of possession which can only be a good thing!

Zesh Rehman – 6
Centre half is meant to be his favourite possession but unfortunately Zesh looked a bit clumsy and out of place. One Wycombe attack in the first half in particular saw him occupying a No Man’s Land in the box as he ran for his goal line rather than sticking to his man and when the ball was delivered into the box we were lucky not to concede. Still, he’s settling in and his height should be a huge asset.

Dean Furman – 8
Another tremendous performance from the South African after a pretty shaky first 10 minutes. In tandem with Nicky Law he bossed the midfield, harrying Wycombe whenever they had the ball but then dropping deep to claim possession, driving the Bantams forward and putting himself into dangerous positions. Was wonderful to see him giving his all to get back and reclaim possession whenever we lost it. Plus the look of delight on his face at the final whistle was something special to see in a loanee.

Nicky Law – 8
Unfortunately Nicky’s afternoon is being overshadowed by Dean Furman’s but he did everything that his companion in the middle of the park did. Had one of his long range efforts been a shade closer then it’s likely he’d be taking the plaudits. One hopes that we might pursuade Sheffield United that they actually don’t want him permanently rather than coaxing him away from Bramall Lane on loan every season…

Steve Jones – 7
Well done Jonah, great finish and you showed off your box of tricks to good effect today. I’m still not convinced by your decision making when it comes to using what we saw today should be called electric pace. A little too much ball watching and jogging around when we aren’t in possession but a well taken goal gave us all the points and it’s great to see Jones contributing an end product now.

Omar Daley – 7
A week in which he was defended by Stuart McCall led to a performance that showed maturity from the Jamaican. Doing all the things we have seen him impress with this season, ie the running and tackling he today showed much better decision making in what he did with the ball in the final third. Perhaps chastened by his second half shot that hit the far corner flag Omar was seemingly reluctant to shoot, opting to feed the ball into the box.

Peter Thorne and Michael Boulding – 7
If any players on the pitch deserved a goal it was our strikers. They worked tirelessly all afternoon for very little reward but I’m sure the Wycombe defenders went home feeling that they’d had a hefty day’s work. It was incredible that neither Boulding or Thorne got the ball into the net and no doubt Thorney is still scratching his head about the chance very early on that he contrived to put wide when it looked like his goal drought was coming to an end.