Date: 21st October 2008 at 8:33pm
Written by:

Rhys Evans – 6
Great save in the first half, failed to save the freekick in the second.

TJ Moncur – 4
Paul Arnison must come back, and soon. At times TJ couldn`t be bothered to chase players down, he literally gave up and jogged. Once it led to a goal, the other time the Darlo player skewed it wide

Graeme Lee – 6
Spike was solid and did what he had to but it`s hard if half your defence is inept.

Matt Clarke – 4
He isn`t half fortunate that Mark Bower is injured because this drop in form is really posing problems in the heart of defence. It`s not just the defending that`s lacking but it`s the belief he can play Steven Gerrardesque passes.

Luke O`Brien – 6
Another impressive game from OB in my eyes. Good distribution, good tackling, great commitment, good pace. Still not perfect but developing well.

Kyle Nix – 3
His only contribution to the game was to lose possession cheaply, often a long way away from his wing.

Dean Furman – 7
This boy is fantastic. He should have had more of the ball because when he did we looked like we might actually know how to play football

Paul McLaren – 5
Disappointingly quiet night from Macca and he doesn`t seem to get into the spaces to enable the defenders to pass it rather than hoof it.

Joe Colbeck – 7
Our only threat but unable to really own the right wing without a competent full back

Peter Thorne – 5
Very quiet game from Thorney, struggled to lead the line with Barry mostly helping out in defence

Barry Conlon – 6
Hard working. As ever. But too much of that was in our box. Of course that was crucial but as a tactic it disconnected attack from defence so it`s no surprise we didn`t make any chances.

Omar Daley – 7
Good goal, that we didn`t deserve. If he was fit to be on the bench he should have been brought on at half time at least.

Michael Boulding
No score for Mickey because by my count he didn`t touch the ball.

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