Date: 3rd October 2010 at 11:17am
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At the start of the season we began with good intentions…I like to think the players did too.

However, in recent weeks you will have noticed a dropping off in the content published to Vital Bradford.

This has included a failure to ask for your opinions on the men of the match thus far. The last time that question was asked was against Stockport County.

Since that draw we’ve beaten Gillingham, lost to Northampton, drawn with Rotherham and lost to Morecambe. We’ve dropped from 20th to 21st (or 91st as I’ve taken to think about it) and a club where negativity doesn’t so much lurk in the shadows as cloak us all finds all but the smallest sparks of hope extinguished.

This is a low.

As a result it’s been hard to motivate the writing and publish things for you, our dear and equally demoralised readers.

I thought I’d change that today but when it came to thinking about going through the 14 performances yesterday and rating how they did I just couldn’t be bothered. Who cares about reading through a string of 4s, or 5s (perhaps for those who tried a little harder)?

Certainly yesterday’s match sponsors spared themselves the embarrassment of suggesting anybody deserved to be called ‘Man of the Match’. If I knew who the sponsors had been I think they dodged a bullet there. I wouldn’t want to have my professional opinion associated with making a ludicrous decision such as suggesting there was a Man of the Match at all.

So our lofty hope of having a man of the match for every game, irrespective of the result isn’t happening.