Date: 31st January 2009 at 11:14pm
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You’ll never guess but we had a good referee!

I’m not just saying this because he sent a Grimsby player off but the fact that he was willing to look at the obstruction of a last man who was looking set to be clean through as a professional foul is actually refreshing.

I think the sending off was fair but it obviously changed the complexion of the match.

And the linesmen and the referee dealt with the fallout remarkably well and allowed play to continue. There were no contentious penalty decisions. There were no dodgy offsides. There were no phantom freekicks or bizarre fouls.

In fact they didn’t really have to do very much. And it’s when a referee and his officials look like they haven’t been there that you know they’ve had a good game.

Can we have Mr Sarginson again please Football League?