Date: 28th September 2009 at 11:27pm
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The Chesterfield manager, perhaps in an act of perception shaping labelled Gary Sutton an embarrassment.

Certainly Chesterfield’s fans could be within their rights to feel a degree of concern at the performance of the referee.

Prior to the game we’d seen that 1 in every 2 games that Gary Sutton officials ended in the favour of the home team marking him out as a referee that would be enthusiastically welcomed by Valley Parade.

At the end of the match the reflection from those around me was that he would be welcome back and that he had taken charge in a very effective and positive fashion.

As the victors it was easier to celebrate the lack of pressure Sutton put us under. The contentious decision to award a Bradford free kick at the end of the first half when Luke O’Brien had tripped when threatened by Wade Small was not the only time that the Spireites were annoyed by Sutton’s handling of the game.

With regular predictability if we lost possession and it looked like we might be threatened by it the whistle was blown and we were awarded the free kick. In fact, a late free kick fifteen minutes from the end was the only occasion I could think that Sutton really gave the visitors anything.

Perhaps you could argue that Sutton managed the game well, allowing things to flow and offering advantage to the full but he was not even handed in his treatment. It was very surprising that when Jack Lester led with his elbow or another player lifted his hand to Scott Neilson moments earlier that Sutton was so lenient.

For some reason when he produced the yellow it led to significant cries of derision that he had not pulled out a red card and truly underscored the disappointment felt in Chesterfield. But a cooler head prevailed.

Whilst having such friendly officials week in, week out would be a great boost to our success or failure this year such partiality would soon get tired. Although perhaps we deserve it after having two seasons during which we’ve been on the end of some truly dreadful refereeing?

Bring on Tuesday night and the Premier League official Stuart Attwell…