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It’s only been a couple of days since McCall has left Bradford yet there are rally of support from both Current and Ex-Bradford players.

Colin Doyle stated – ‘Gutted about the gaffer today. Great manager and a fantastic man. Was a pleasure working for him..’

Ex-Bantam Billy Clarke – ‘Disappointed to see my old gaffer has been sacked. Very good manager and man.. always had best interests of his players and club at heart’ – Before posting this picture

Not many player’s particularly Ex-players will come out in such support for a man that’s just been sacked if he really was that bad of a manager. He worked wonders with Mark Marshall and turned him from a ‘want out’ to player of the year.

Equally it’s not just the players that appear to be affected by the situation at Bradford. Whether this relates directly to the sacking or the position Bradford are in overall, CEO James Mason posted this:

Clearly there is a lot more in the club than just what we see on the outside. Stuart has alluded to that himself by saying – ‘If I was going to walk away, I would have done this within the first 2 weeks’.

There’s fingers being pointed all over the shop and I feel in my honest opinion Stuart has been hard done by. Not because he got sacked, because recent results have done that, but the overall treatment of him. Look at him this time last year he looked happy, jovial and relaxed, this year he looks a mess and like he was fighting a losing battle. All the best to him.

Secondly, however, I feel people have wrong pointed the finger at Greg Abbott. Yes he’s head scout, yes some players we’ve brought in probably aren’t the players fans wanted to see. HOWEVER, who knows he didn’t go down a list of 20 strikers to sign and was told NO to each one. the guy has both Rupp AND Rahic to get through.

Have you noticed the squad have been MIA since the Yeovil game? The game where, just before the match, Luke Hendrie was told to go home as he was no longer needed. BY THE CHAIRMAN.. not by Stuart.
Imagine if that was you at work, either in Luke’s shoes or those witnessing it. How would you feel if you saw one of the groups ‘fun men’, in tears. Pretty much shunned, almost a ‘get gone we don’t care’ type of attitude. You’re head would be elsewhere, wondering what is going on. Those who have contracts up in the summer.. I doubt will be renewing.

There’s been a lot of claret spilt over the past few weeks even before the sacking and I fear that it’s not going to get any better. Who ever comes in needs to be strong in body and mind.

Personally, I’d take Simon Grayson or Gordon Strachan. – Either that or a Roy Keane character!!

I don’t think Paul Ince, Frank Lampard or Craig Bellamy should be anywhere near our dugout, not only for us, but for them too.

Who do you want.. why?

What is happening at VP?

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  • Antoni Preston says:

    I think Abbott will be caretaker for a couple of months then given job full time if he does ok. Everything i see about him and Rahic seems they are best of chums which it didnt seem with McCall and Rahic. and who knows the players better than Abbott?

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