Date: 15th January 2018 at 7:52am
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We play another poor team at the bottom end of the table at home, a team that have only won twice in their last 12 games and not won away from home since the 11th November, so I bet the Cobblers were rubbing their hands together when they realised their opponent was Stuart McCall. Well, yet again our beloved manager has us losing at home to such a team at the bottom. How much more can we take? How much more can the club take, and how much more will some people back our useless manager? I wish McCall would grow a pair and just admit he isn’t good enough to lead City. Now McCall can add Northampton to the list of poor defeats to Yeovil, Plymouth, Bury, Wimbledon, Oldham. McCall’s form is pathetic really when comes to playing poor teams. Part of me actually wants us to miss out on the play offs just so the ex City legend gets the sack in the summer and have a real manager lead us. It is a bit surreal that we lose to bottom teams EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter what our form is like. City are a betting man’s dream under McCall if you have the bottle to bet against us and know that the Bantams will fail again as they have done in every such match before under McCall, in both of his spells. There really is some serious money to be made on Stuart McCall’s City. Don’t believe me; look at results under McCall in both of his spells. It really is hard to believe who we lose to after beating the best teams available to us.

Is it time for a director of football?
I see 2 options for City, either Sack McCall (this will eventually happen) or get a director of football in to hold his hand. I really can’t see any other way. A week on from the embarrassment of Yeovil Town, McCall single handedly masterminded one of the worst results in recent City history costing the club easily in the region of 3 quarters of a million pounds and now Stuart IS coming to a crossroad that he will lose his status in the hearts of City supporters and be remembered as one of the worst managers in living memory. For me, Peter Jackson, an appointment I so much wanted over the years has to be the worst City manager in recent memory, just edged Chris Hutchings, that is a tough call, but I tell you something, McCall isn’t far off and definitely amongst them. He would have relegated the club from the football league in his first stint if he wasn’t sacked and possibly cost the actual existence of Bradford City such as his talent is, or not in this case. His appointment I wasn’t over the moon about, to be honest, I have stayed away from Valley Parade more under McCall than at any other time in the past couple of decades. In a nut shell, he’s an appalling manager and he really needs to be the man and admit he isn’t good enough.

We are in an unusual position where we have a better manager as head scout than we actually have making the decisions. It really is a matter of time and McCall needs to look at his abilities and risk his entire reputation over the last 30 years over a couple of years as a manager. I am sorry, but this was a wrong appointment, and this isn’t a spur of the moment emotion because we have lost to Northampton.

McCall, prove you are a man and do the right thing for the club. Or is money more important to you than Bradford City, the club you reckon to love so much? Show us all which you are, a man or a money grabber? Stuart, wake up, you are not a manager. You never have been, you never will be.

How many losses to poor inferior clubs do we have to experience under McCall? The recent headlines from the chairman geeing up the fans about automatic promotion (really? Under McCall?) and our away form and having a bit of acceptance about our home form. I’ve highlighted earlier a few days ago where we would be if McCall was able to compete against the bottom teams. Yet the crap he will come out with will be sickening. McCall made me laugh when he admitted Yeovil was the first time we have played poorly all season!!!! Come on Stuart, wake up and smell the coffee. We’ve been poor for the most of the season, scraping results, and yes, we’ve had some fantastic away wins, but look at the state of the top clubs in our division off the field, which is why Shrewsbury of all clubs is a serious threat to taking the League 1 title, but more so automatic promotion. We can forget promotion this season, especially if Blackburn Rovers don’t finish in the top 2. We are 6 points from falling out of the play offs, but under McCall, I’m not taking that 6 points for granted. McCall isn’t the saviour as many think he is, especially if you scrutinise his playing career whilst at City, he has put himself first before the club on a couple of occasions. McCall for me is turning from one of my favourite players to one of my worst managers of all time. Stuart McCall has a real threat of losing his legacy with the City faithful. I just don’t enjoy supporting City under McCall, I didn’t first time, and even less this time.

So, please Stuart do the right thing. Or should I say this to the chairmen…..einen Fußballdirektor einstellen.

McCall cost us in the play off final, one of the dullest games I’ve seen as a City supporter, he is costing us this season in many games, and I really don’t thing he is getting the best from players such as Wyke and Poleon. I don’t want McCall to be sacked, but I want him to do the best for the club, that is, if he truly has City in his heart, and that isn’t continuing as he is. I can accept if we were mid table, but fighting every single game, but McCall is about as inspiring as a wet fart lost in a hurricane.

I really have just had enough Stuart, nearing half hour into the game AT HOME we had only 35% possession against a crap team, we hadn’t had a shot on goal. Honestly Stuart, what am I supposed to think of you? I’ve just had enough of you and I’m starting to forget the player you was and now I think of you, I’m just thinking of one of the s*****t managers I can ever recall in the English game. You would have relegated City from the 4th division, you almost relegated Motherwell when you had to use your nous when the funds dried up. Please, give up your day job and do something like karaoke instead. You are the lower league equivalent of David Moyes. You might prove to be a great coach, but manager…Nah! How long will it be when supporters start singing if you are actually David Moyes in disguise.

Promote Abbott
That is the short term answer, we really can’t continue with the current set up as we are doing, if we really want an ex City player at the helm I can quickly mention Mark Bower, Greg Abbott and Chris Wilder, all of which are more talented than our current manager. I really am dreading fixtures such as Wimbledon, Oldham and Bury coming up.

Half time McCall 0-1 Northampton
O’Toole (43)
Full Time McCall 1-2 Northampton
Long (62), Taylor (90)

Card watch
Paul Taylor (87) season total – 2 yellow

Ref watch
Craig Hicks managed his 27th game of the season at Valley Parade, most of which have been in League 2 this season. At Valley Parade, Hicks handed out 5 yellows, 4 of which to the away team which means Craig has handed out 95 yellows and 3 reds in 2017/18. Matt Grimes has now picked up his 10th yellow of the season for Northampton.


Line ups
Bradford City 4-4-2
Lukas Raeder, Matthew Kilgallon, Jacob Hanson (66 Callum Guy), Nat Knight-Percival, Tyrell Robinson, Romain Vincelot, Nicky Law, Timothee Dieng, Alex Gilliead, Paul Taylor, Shay McCartan (72 Dominic Poleon)
Unused Subs – Rouven Sattelmaier, Jake Reeves, Daniel Pybus, Daniel Devine, Jordan Gibson

Northampton Town 4-2-3-1
Richard O’Donnell, Ashton Taylor, Shay Facey, Regan Poole, Jordan Turnbull, Sam Foley, Sam Hoskins (76 Daniel Powell), John-Joe O’Toole (88 Hildeberto Pereira), Matt Crooks, Matt Grimes, Chris Long (86 Alexander Revell)
Unused Subs – David Cornell, Brendan Moloney, David Buchanan, Shaun McWilliams

2017/18 City Scorers
12 – Charlie Wyke
6 – Dominic Poleon, Paul Taylor
5 – Alex Jones, Romain Vincelot
3 – Patrick Omari, Nathaniel Knight-Percival, Matt Kilgallon, Shay McCartan
2 – Tyrell Robinson, Alex Gilliead
1 – Jacob Hanson, Tony McMahon, Adam Thompson, Timothee Dieng
1 – Own goals, Aristote Nsiala (Shrewsbury Town)

Upcoming fixtures
Bristol Rovers (A) Sat 20th Jan
Rotherham United (A) Tues 23rd Jan
AFC Wimbledon (H) Sat 27th Jan
Oldham Athletic (H) Sat 3rd Feb
Bury (H) Sat 10th Feb

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