Date: 27th September 2008 at 5:13pm
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The Football League and the FA have to do something about the state of refereeing in this country after yet another embarrassing display from the man in the middle.

Bradford City fans know Mr Jarnail Singh of old as he failed to stop play whilst the Bantams were playing Oldham Athletic, allowing them free reign to score a crucial goal.

Today Mr Singh’s ineptitude on the field of play has resulted in a potentially life threatening situation, which is exactly why referees are supposed to stop play if anyone has a head injury.

TJ Moncur and Graeme Lee clashed heads, both players stayed down but the referee allowed play to continue and Ben Davies ultimately put the ball into the net to give the Shrews the goal that to all intents and purposes won them the game (Richard Walker’s late second being fairly meaningless in the grand scheme of things).

When TJ attempted to get back up, because the referee was not going to allow him medical treatment he collapsed before suffering from some kind of seizure

TJ was taken to hospital where we await developments with baited breath whilst Singh went on to preside over an ever expanding list of crimes against Bradford City in an absolutely ridiculous performance.

The fact that 22 players were on the pitch at the end of the match is as much of a puzzle as to why the Football League and Football Association allow this dreadful excuse for an official the freedom to continue to ruin Saturday afternoons and, potentially lives.

Because let’s make no bones about it; to fail to stop play when a player suffers a serious injury puts that player’s life at risk. Such working practice would be unacceptable in any other sphere of influence but for football referees players, managers and fans are told that they must respect the Men in Black irrespective of whether or not they’ve actually earned it.

Login and post your comments about this dreadful referee below. If you were at the game let the Vital Bradford community know exactly how much of a disgrace Mr Singh is.