Date: 29th January 2018 at 7:52am
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Stuart McAwfull can be now proud of 2 things, he is both the worst and 2nd worst Bradford City managers in recent living memory, and that is forgetting his 100% loss record as caretaker.

City lose 0-4 at home to another small bottom side
The McCallites are starting to look purely just plain daft now still backing McCall’s 2nd abysmal run as City manager and for the 2nd time, he has taken the squad backwards. The pro McCall are growing smaller and smaller as again at full time nothing but boos can be heard at the whistle. These people promoting McCall as a great manager must be Beeston United supporters as I never hear any positive cheers at full time drowning out the, I guess, the majority. Anyone now backing City’s worst managers of recent times have to be amongst the most deluded fans in any sport. People aren’t happy with the results, not happy how we play and not happy how McCall managers affairs, and then there are people that are attacked by trolls that are more like blind subjects than individuals, ie, conditioned and unable to think for themselves. So where has McCall lost it this time?

From legend to Leg End
For me now, I really don’t give a rat’s to how good a player he was a couple of decades ago. McCall wasn’t unique as a player throughout City’s history, yes he was good and overall he put good shifts in, contributed in the club going forward, and then backward, but I’ve seen many a player give the same level of commitment as the Leeds born player had, and some forget that he wasn’t entirely committed throughout his entire time at City. Some may remember his attitude one summer in the Premiership years, or care to overlook or choose to forget. I really don’t care for McAwfull now as for the 2nd time in a decade, I see my beloved club going into a backward spiral farce under his stewardship and this isn’t the first time we have lost 5 games on the trot under Stuart. We paid McAwful’s wages a couple of decades ago, we are paying his bills and holidays now, he owes every single Bantam and he is not delivering…..again. If he is still at the helm come the summer, it will cost the Bantams a good number of season ticket sales. The PR stunt has backfired like a Lada in a cesspit. With each passing week, there are more and more fans that are opening their eyes to the true quality of our manager.

Last season I said at the start he was working on the back of Parkinson’s work, Phil’s players, his backbone and it was last season that the best players were Parkinson signings. Let him be judged on this season I said, and so here it is, the McCallites are in a situation they are content with, they must be. We got to the play off final, We played ok in the first half and then after the famous Stuart McAwfull half time talk, we just became disinterested and didn’t even deserve a draw against a mediocre Millwall. Milwall weren’t exactly good or half decent that day. Then come the summer, we wasted so much time on Meredith, it was clear he was going to go the Championship, yet probably in desperation McAwfull wasted so much time and energy trying to keep a player that didn’t want to stay and could earn more elsewhere and more importantly, play at a higher level. If you would say expect any player to choose City over say Huddersfield Town are just idiots, football is a short career and you may only get 1 shot at the cherry. An ultimatum should be given to any player in that situation and a deadline, if not taken, it should be us closing the door and not missing out on other targets. An iron in the fire is just that, in the fire. McArdle mentioned he was wanted to stay and had no interest in leaving, talks were ongoing and again a lot of time wasted when it became apparent he wasn’t going to sign. This was practically our defense we were trying to sort out by players stringing us/McAwful along. The manager should have been more of a manager and put his foot down and had back up plans to go down especially when the message was clear in the public eye that these players were going. A lot of the faults with this season can be pinpointed at the foot of Meredith and McArdle. Well, just McAwfull for being either so naive, ignorant or just purely incompetent and disillusioned.

You can’t spell Stupid without Stu
Depth is terrible at City, that is down to noone but the manager. Wyke, a Greg Abbott signing is the only good thing that has happened under the McCall reign, I can’t even say the play off final was a positive under Stuart. What is very clear to anyone with an ounce of knowledge about football, as soon as the transfer window opened we should have gone for a goalkeeper, but the only noise to come from Stu was that we needed another striker. Why?????? We have Wyke, Poleon, Jones, Omari, Taylor and McCartan. At least 3 of those 5 have turned into worse players under McCall. So yep, I can understand why Stu would want to focus on another striker over a Keeper, just pure logic and if we field a team of 11 strikers, surely we will get a goal. Makes perfect logic. Doyle isn’t bad to be fair, but the back up we have aren’t even conference quality. It is obviously clear McAwfull has lost the dressing room, we seem to be at our worst shortly after we start either period, but yet he still picks the same none performing players week in week out. We have some McCallites still trying to stick up for Stu saying we are on this losing run because McMahon is injured. I say, ‘Really!’ McMahon was involved in the first 2 losses of this abysmal run, it started before he got injured, it is a bit worrying when these subjects come up with drivel attacking people people evidencing why McAwfull is, erm, awfull and always has been and not evidencing why he is doing a great job which they claim he is. Probably the same subjects that used half a tank of petrol to be allowed to fill up half a tank and felt they had accomplished something mega when we had the fuel strikes about 15 16 years ago. The most idiotic post I saw recently from a McCallite was saying a good manager doesn’t turn into a bad manager in a month. Even now typing it I’m just laughing, it was obvious it came from someone that has never ever attended a football match in her life and still tries to click into ceefax for their holiday bookings and wants to know when the travel for West Germany will be updated. McAwfull was never a good manager in the first place. It’s like having a relay race, you have Linford Christie, Usain Bolt and a guy with 1 leg doing the final stretch. When the guy with 1 leg grabs the baton then falls over after 1 step. He gets up, falls over again and again and again and again, but you will always get 1 numpty that says he is doing really well and is the best out there because the other runners are half a lap behind him. That 1 legged guy is Stu McAwfull. He has grabbed the baton like he has done every time in every managerial position, and every single time, he falls down, but this time he is crawling instead of getting back up. Come to think of it, he has crawled a couple of times over his managerial career. If he doesn’t go, City will experience a relegation, eventually and would any true Bantam want that? His legacy is ruined, a whole new set of fans just see McCall as a washed up manager that was never good in the first place. We bring a few players in, probably the big name one is Stephen Warnock, as our defense is about as good a defense for Donald Trump in a court of decency. You would expect McCall to make changes. Oh no, not our McAwfull, let’s put him on the bench and keep him there. Some great thinking there. If he was match fit, start him, if not, then he had no place on the bench. This is why ‘McAllites are full of ….’.

The only smart thing he is doing is not quitting
Why should any manager quit? That has to be one of the daftest ever questions that certain journalists ask, it is too often we see main stream journalists having little grasp on sport. If McAwfull quits, he walks away, his head held low and not wondering where is next job is and more importantly, empty handed plus with a chance of getting sued for breaking his contract. Why should he? Here is the only one reason why…..if a club get rid of a manager, they have to pay up the rest of his contract, in some cases try and negotiate a pay off. Look at David Moyes, totally useless, almost got Everton relegated and were a few times threatened with the sack, he made Man U a laughing stock, but he and his backroom staff walked away with £5m in their pocket. Moyes has earned a nice tidy sum for being crap, Arsene Wenger is earning a nice mint for being stale, just why he won’t quit. That is why every single time a news outlet report a manager has been sacked, they are 100% incorrect in presenting their ‘news’. Each time they are leaving themselves open for reporting wrong negative information about anyone’s career.

Are the chairmen to blame?
Some McCallites want to divert Stu’s incompetence on the chairmen and ignore the Leeds born Scot is not doing a good job. No matter who the chairmen are, they will always get stick. Richmond became a swear word. Why? Not a single supporter would have done anything different after surviving in the Prem. He changed us from being a lower division club attracting 4000 supporters to a top flight club. He was inexperienced and not a single supporter, not one complained at the time, we loved it in fact with how he was dealing with matters. It was a gamble that didn’t work out, that’s all it was. Lawn was demonised because he lent City £1m. He always said only if he gets it back. He got it back, and rightly so. I didn’t see one of these idiots who lambasted Lawn give the club £1m themselves and not expect it back. Fans constantly moan about Ken Morrison, they speak of their hatred of him at the same level as Hitler or Jimmy Saville, and yet can’t understand why he doesn’t give up his money into a sport he has no interest in. Morrison you can say is the chairman that got away, or he is just smart. Even if we had Bill Gates taking City to the Prem, many will moan we are not spending hundreds of millions instead of tens of millions. Fans need a reality check, fans want us to spend money we don’t have and have clearly forgotten what we were like between 2000-2012, we were so close to joining Scarborough, Darlington, Chester and Halifax. Does anyone with more than a single brain cell want that? The current chairmen have backed McAwfull, most managers at other clubs would have been sacked a long time ago, and even now are backing an incompetent manager in the transfer window. They have invested, definitely a lot more than any of the moaners out there have. It is not just the transfer fees they pay, but wages, bills and all other expenses. If we sell Wyke for £5m and if the Germans take half a mill out of it, so what, eventually they will put that money back into the club. Otherwise, why would anyone want to own a football club?

Half time City 0-1 Dons
Abdou (14)
Full Time City 0-4
Barcham (59), McDonald (65, 80)

Card watch
Romain Vincelot (90) – season so far 8 yellows 1 red

Ref watch
Geoff Eltringham gave Abdou his 5th yellow of the season so that means he will now serve an automatic ban whereas Cody McDonald picked up only his 2nd of the season in the 2nd half. It’s not often this season City players get booked, at was almost another card free performance for City until Vincelot got into the book in the dieing moments. Eltringham has officiated 21 games this season, most of them in the Championship, in doing so has dished out 76 yellows and 1 red.


Line ups
Bradford City 4-3-3
Rouven Sattelmaier, Adam Chicksen, Matt Kilgallon, Callum Guy, Nat Knight-Percival, Jake Reeves (62 Matty Lund), Romain Vincelot, Nicky Law (70 Jordan Gibson), Charlie Wyke, Paul Taylor, Dominic Poleon (62 Kai Bruenker)
Unused Subs :- Lukas Raeder, Timothee Dieng, Shay McCartan, Stephen Warnock

AFC Wimbledon 4-3-3
George Long, Barry Fuller, Adedeji Oshilaja, George Francomb (77 Jonathan Meades), Darius Charles, Nadjim Abdou (82 Anthony Hartigan), Liam Trotter, Tom Soares, Cody McDonald, Andy Barcham, Lyle Taylor (70 Joe Pigott)

2017/18 City Scorers
13 – Charlie Wyke
6 – Dominic Poleon, Paul Taylor
5 – Alex Jones, Romain Vincelot
3 – Patrick Omari, Nathaniel Knight-Percival, Matt Kilgallon, Shay McCartan
2 – Tyrell Robinson, Alex Gilliead
1 – Jacob Hanson, Tony McMahon, Adam Thompson, Timothee Dieng
1 – Own goals, Aristote Nsiala (Shrewsbury Town)

Upcoming fixtures
Oldham Athletic (A) Sat 3rd Feb
Bury (H) Sat 10th Feb
Charlton Athletic (A) Tues 13th Feb
Wigan Athletic (H) Sat 17th Feb
Plymouth Argyle (A) Sat 24th Feb