Date: 25th February 2015 at 8:11am
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We’ve been making the headlines for our FA Cup wins against Chelsea and Sunderland this season but it’s our approach to ticket sales for our ¼ final with Reading that’s made the news (a lot) this week.

Keeping the tickets at £15 for adults was a move that I had already praised Bradford and Reading for, after both agreed to these prices but the way in which we have sold tickets has been described as ‘naïve’ by co-chairman Julian Rhodes.

Earlier this week the club admitted to the BBC that allowing season ticket holders to ‘buy as many tickets as they wanted, at the club’s discretion’ was a mistake as this has left some season ticket holders without a ticket for the game now!

Having limited numbers for the Aston Villa League Cup semi final in 2013 some went unsold and Rhodes said he didn’t want a repeat of that….

Would people be buying tickets to sell them on at a profit? Fellow co-chairman Mark Lawn told TalkSport that he didn’t think that our fans would do this but has highlighted the fact that this is, of course, illegal and if anyone is caught doing this they would be ‘banned for life’ from the Valley.

‘We all know that it is illegal and police should be processing them, going through these sites, and making sure that the people who are selling them on shouldn’t be doing that. It is illegal now. If we can find who it is, I will be banning them for life.

‘I wouldn’t have expected Bradford City fans to go and make money from their fellow fans, because I don’t think we are that type of club.

‘If I find out and I can prove who it is, they will be banned for life – they won’t be season-ticket holders here again.’

The club have said ‘sorry this situation’ and that he ‘has occurred’ but are ‘all season-ticket holders would be able to purchase a ticket for the game,’ hopefully they can as this isn’t a game that any, for any other reason than choice, should miss….

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