Date: 12th June 2017 at 3:06pm
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After reading some of the City related comments I’ve seen in blogs and the comments section this past couple of weeks, I can guarantee there will be a number of City fans that will moan even at that headline and expect us to actually buy him and sign him up for £30m rather than get someone such as Diego Costa on a piddly loan deal.

So why have I created such a headline, after all it is feasible Costa may be going out on loan for the first half of the season until the transfer embargo in Madrid is lifted for Atletico for him then to make his dream move. Well, to be honest, the world is full of idiots and comments pages seem to attract them and I know some people out there will believe that headline before opening up this article. There are quite a few comments moaning we are not signing Championship players and outgoing players such as McArdle is rubbish because he isn’t Championship quality. Well here is a reality check to the numpties out there, We are not a championship club, and we have not been a Championship club for 13 years. Nor are we competing in the 2nd division. Do these same intellects complain that Hayden Padden should be driving a Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power+ otherwise he won’t win the title this season. They may as well as it carries as much weight as their perception on reality.

Let’s break this down a bit.

Championship quality signings
Why? Why do we need Championship quality players? Look at the players that got us our last promotion, that got us to the League Cup final, those same players beat a few Premiership clubs, so surely those history makers were better than 4th division football? Well, in most cases, no they weren’t. What we had was a great squad, a great team assembled by a manager that could get the best from a group of players. Apart from the odd 1 or 2 like Wells, most that moved on struggled to move up higher in the football ladder, most ending up in Scottish football, and we are not just talking about the SPL either, or falling into non league or hanging on there in the 4th division. There are a couple of odd exceptions, but moving on from City, most have struggled or they have moved to struggling clubs below City’s level. We’ve had “Championship” quality players recently, may I highlight where Mark Yeates career has gone since joining and leaving City or even Paul Anderson also Matt I struggle to make double figured appearances in a season Kilgallon, the latter we really do need to release, he’s more crocked than a dead 3 legged horse. Please McCall, withdraw your offer to Kilgallon, he may be Championship quality, but he is of little value if he struggles to make 10 appearances in a whole season, just check his stats over the past decade. He spends more time with the nurses than a certain ex Chelsea captain spends with his team mates partners.

Pointing out the obvious.
We are a 3rd division club, we need good 3rd division players, we need a good cohesive team more importantly. Look at Alex Ferguson’s last few seasons at Man United, the squad wasn’t full of world class players, good players yes, but world class or even great players, no. Leicester last season, same with us in the 2012/13 season and the past couple of season to be fair. What Fergie did in particular he was great at grafting a great hard working team and if the best players didn’t fit in, he booted them out, he wasn’t worried about the “best”, he’d sooner have someone with less ability and quality but would work in the system he employed. This is why Man U struggled massively when Fergie left, he left a poor squad, but that poor squad easily won the title months earlier. Now McCall turned a fringe player, a player no one really noticed last season into one of the most important squad members this season, was Marshall a better player than last season? No, he’s the same player, only 2 things changed, he was given a bit more game time and the system employed by McCall. If Marshall moves on to Charlton, he might end up being a fringe player again, players need to fit into a system and the system needs to get the best from each player. Look at Messi, he is seen as the best because he has the best around him, put him into the same position in the City team next game, he won’t perform as he knows how, but someone like Rooney might be a better player to Messi in the same scenario, a player who is seen as past it could be 100 times better in the amber and claret than either Ronaldo or Messi just because of his style and the type of person/player he is and the style of football in the 3rd division. But does that make Rooney better than Ronaldo or Messi. Who is best is very subjective. Ronaldo has proven it with his country and in different leagues/clubs. Messi hasn’t and can’t.

What of the outgoing players and rumours?
First off Meredith, this has been on the cards for a few years to be fair, the sound coming from him since his days with York is he wants to play in a high a division as possible, and I really don’t blame him, so what if it’s Millwall, I don’t think he cares about the money, nor the prospect of promotion or relegation or status of the club, he just wants to prove to himself if he can compete at that level. So lay off his decision guys because he chose Millwall. McArdle going to Scunthorpe for more money. Again, so what, Scunthorpe’s wage structure is nothing of our concern, if they want to over pay players, if their chairman wants to pay out of their own pocket, so what, it’s none of your business. If you are one of the few cowardly keyboard warriors to complain that the “Germans” are not paying and committing, I say shut the hell up and pay these inflated wages out of your own pockets, oh, suddenly those empty minded numpties have gone quiet, thought so. We have almost gone to the wall 3 times in the past few decades, no player is worth the club’s existence as Benito Carbone clearly and correctly pointed out, football like any industry doesn’t have an unlimited kitty and if outgoings exceed incoming funds, well, anyone with an IQ more than double figures can work out what will happen then, even a child can. If Scunthorpe want to pay inflated prices, take a gamble on promotion, hey, maybe miss out and go the way of Scarborough and Darlington, well, that’s up to them, so unless you are going to fund these silly wages, get off the backs of our new chairmen, they’ve already paid a lot more than most City supporters put together. Reading some loon’s comment on the T and A comments section a couple of days ago, he said McArdle isn’t Championship quality so he is rubbish and we are better off without him. People like that really highlight the dumbing down of society as a whole. I bet he says Bale is a terrible player because he’s a rubbish international or that Chris Wood is crap because he isn’t a Premiership player, the intellect of some bloggers really does make me worry for humanity. McMahon possibly to Bolton and Marshall possibly to Charlton. Again, these players are not exceptional, I would like both to stay, but it isn’t the end of the world if they move on and I don’t think we should break the bank to keep them, it wouldn’t be too hard to replace either. Teams from all over Europe are releasing players, we only need about 20-25 including youngsters and loans to make the first team squad.

£100k, well thank you very much
Around £100k for Billy Clarke, that was a bolt out of a dark unsuspecting cloudy sky. It wasn’t so long since I said we need to part ways with Clarke, this is actually a great piece of business, overall Clarke has been a good signing for City, but 11 goals past 2 seasons and 1 goal since November, for me we had better options. He isn’t a game winner or a game changer, and he doesn’t get the goals, this is a deal in City’s favour, not Charlton’s. Clarke isn’t worth £100k, so this deal was the best bit of news I’ve heard since the singing of Wyke. As some may think, Clarke isn’t a player we’ve lost, he isn’t part of the City exodus, he’s a player we’ve palmed off onto some unsuspecting Southerners and somehow got quite a bit of money off them. This is actually fantastic news and will help McCall’s war chest and help with his player budget for 2017/18. We’ve lost some high earners and got a nice transfer fee in. Let’s look that as a positive.

Why all the panic and upset?
Ok, we’ve not signed any players, but officially the season isn’t over just yet, we’ve another 2 months yet till a ball will be kicked in anger. We’ve got a couple of decent friendlies set up in the mould of Newcastle and Sunderland that will generate a bit of funds. Personally I would have sorted out some of the contracts sooner and got players on longer term, McArdle and Meredith in particular I would have tried to tie down sooner, maybe last summer. Marshall would have been crazy last summer to offer him a new contract and with the uncertainty of play off success or not, it is difficult to negotiate wages with any player if you want to keep them after promotion or not. I see it a mistake of releasing Darby, but he is still a free agent and nothing to stop us going back to him, but like thousands of other players throughout England, Scotland even on the continent, there are players of the standard we require and higher that are looking for clubs. Word of warning, it doesn’t always pay to get in Championship quality players as some of our coups over the past couple of seasons haven’t really propelled the club as you might have expected. We all want to hear about that next signing, but let’s wait and get the right players rather than just get that marquee signing that won’t be any good to man nor beast. Just like doing your Christmas shopping in the January sales, it doesn’t bring Christmas any sooner, the gifts would still be opened on the same day. The same applies for signings, they can’t gel if the friendlies haven’t started.

What needs to change?
Yes, fans have likened City to Barcelona during parts of the season because of how we pass the ball about and keep possession, but this ended up in a stalemate than a win in too many cases. We have got strikers that can score goals a plenty in both Wyke and Jones, but where we have failed is in supplying and execution. Maybe a overhaul of the midfield and defence is what is needed, along with Hiwula-Mayifuila we had 3 strikers that hit more than 50 goals between them this season, but if you look into it, our tactics and squad need to change. Did anyone notice Wyke only scored once in his last 9 games or hit the net in only 4 of his last 18 games or that Jones scored half the goals for City than he did at Port Vale in a similar number of games whilst scoring just once in his last 6 games. Wembley exposed how little of a threat we are in supplying our front men and maybe losing our “best” players from the midfield and back 4 is probably the best thing to happen to City in the past couple of years. McCall has done a great job, or do we just perceive he has. With the players at his disposal this past season, spent a bit of money, to finish behind the likes of Fleetwood and Bolton who only last summer had a transfer embargo, can that be seen as a success? I for one felt this season was a season too soon to return to the 2nd division, and for me a season for McCall to learn and move forward. What he needs to focus on now is supply and delivery. We have strikers that can score but can’t in the current system, a combination of keeping possession and long balls, it doesn’t matter how, but our strikers can’t score if they don’t have the ball. So guys, don’t panic, we are losing players that are part of a team that wasn’t good enough, let McCall make his own stamp on the squad, let him have 11 of his own players out there and then we can hopefully see “his” team take the challenge of 2017/18. Like I’ve already said, next season is there for the taking.

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