Date: 24th February 2013 at 6:00pm
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Rich S‏@CasualBantam
Still proud of my team and what we’ve achieved #bcafc #ctid

John Green‏@sportswithjohn
Full credit to the Bradford fans for their continued support.

Clare Marsden‏@MarsdenClare
Heartbroken and crying , FFS ref no need to send him off were 3-0 down with a pen against us, #❤duke

Clare Marsden‏@MarsdenClare
This is the best trip, I’ve ever been on #bcafc #bantamsbandwagon ��⚽❤

Sunder Katwala‏@sundersaysFantastic Bradford support with every claret and amber flag waving with 20 minutes to go, 4-0 down #bcafc

Michael Singh‏@MikeSingh2
Fancy Bradford to get 4 still.

Will Rook‏@Willrook93
Our fans have reaffirmed their status as the best in the country, amazing. #bcafc

david baldwin‏@baldwinbantam
Glad to see the fans celebrating the occasion and it makes you proud to be a bantam

Nilsha Patel‏@nillypa
With all the noise anyone would think it was Bradford that were ahead. Well done to the fans who travelled down.

Capital One Cup‏@CapitalOne_Cup
Bradford get a corner, up go the flags, huge roars – it comes to nothing, though. #bcafc #CapitalOneCup

Jack Whitehall‏@jackwhitehall
Bradfords fans should get a Pride of Britain award for this performance. #noisey

Jacqui Pybus‏@JacquiPybus
If someone looked around Wembley now & had to guess which team was winning, I suspect they’d get it wrong ? #bcafc #flags

ben miley‏@benmiley97
We’re gonna win 6-5

Laura Hadzik‏@LittleMissLowra
Well done Bradford! Gutted you didn’t win but you’ve done yourselves & everyone else so proud!!! #bcafc #Wembley

Were All So Proud Of you Boys