Date: 13th August 2010 at 9:10am
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How does it feel to finally be a league side?

It feels brilliant and its going to be a great season for the fans whatever happens as long as we don’t get relegated of course.

Obviously you won the Conference last season, at what point did you know it was going to be your year?

After we beat AFC Wimbledon away 3-0 just two days after losing at home to Luton. It could have gone all wrong but the players forgot about that defeat quickly and produced a superb performance at AFC Wimbledon and after that I knew we would win the league.

What was the name change about?

A new life in the football league with a new name. Apparantly ‘Borough’ was so non-league.

Who should we be watching out for on Saturday?

Hard to say because we play as an all round team but after watching our first two games I am going to say Robbie Sinclair.

Why will Stevenage beat Bradford City?

Because we work hard as a team and we can play some decent football. If we do that and defend well we will win.

Why will Stevenage lose to Bradford City?

Because we still haven’t worked out how to defend crosses!

And finally, what will the score be on Saturday?

I am going to go for 1-1.

Thanks to Graham for that.