Date: 15th October 2010 at 9:33am
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Cheltenham seem to have come on in leaps and bounds since last season, whys that?

Our one single difference has been bringing in Mark Yates as manager. Last year under Martin Allen, the players were so depleted and dejected by his management. A lot of players had lost confidence and faith(Probably one of the reasons why Duffo is now with you). Yatesie has restored that faith and belief and now they all play for each other.

Now we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the season, where do you expect to finish?

I would like to see us have a top 10 finish. It might be a little too early to get promoted, due to the young age of the squad and not having the numbers – we might be struggling later on in the year.

Which players should we be looking out for on Saturday?

The whole squad(!!!!!??). I`m not really joking either. Being so early in the season and having virtually a new team, there could be 6 or 7 players that could turn a game on its head, but its a shame that Wes Thomas is out injured, because he has started like a train. I would say that Josh Low is the danger man. If he is allowed time and space then you will be punished, either through a cross or a goal and Frankie Artus is a key playe – if fit(just coming back).

Do you fear (Unlikely, I know!) any of the BCFC players, and how will it feel if Shane Duff is lining up against you guys?

It should be the case of fearing any player playing for Bradford considering their size and it seems a little strange to see where they are especially when you have a manger that we would have had at Cheltenham. The players I`d say to look out for are; Mike Flynn, Jake Speight, Lee Bullock and Tom Adeyemi. It will be great to see Duffo again and hopefully he will acknowledge us when we sing out his name.

Why will you beat Bradford City?

The way that we could beat City, is to impose ourselves early, not sit back and let them know we are here to win. Then city might adopt a long ball game which Andy Gallinagh and Steve Elliott will deal with all day long.

Why will you lose to Bradford City?

If we lose, it would be because of the reason given above, sitting back inviting the pressure and letting them gain confidence.

And finally, a score prediction?

I think it will be very close, but I would go for a 2-1 to Cheltenham

Thanks to Rich for that, Cheltenham and their fans are clearly full of confidence at the moment, but lets hope he is wrong with his prediction!