Date: 25th May 2016 at 6:14pm
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On Sunday evening Bradford City released a very short statement confirming that the club had been sold to two German investors.

When I mean very short – I mean.

‘Bradford City can today (Sunday 22 May 2016) confirm that the Club has been sold to two German investors. There will be no further statement until Tuesday.’

Well Tuesday has come and gone, and the media have obviously been pouring over things with speculation, rumour and facts of what they found, the Official Website released the second promised statement and gave plenty of clarity about the new owners.

The statement read.

‘Following the announcement on Sunday that Bradford City Football Club has been sold, the new owners Stefan Rupp and Edin Rahic are now in full control of the club marking a new chapter in its history. The joint owners have been friends and business associates for a number of years and see their investment as a long term commitment to the club.’

The statement continued to explain that Edin (Chairman/Chief Executive) will now move to the UK with his family and base himself permanently at The Valley, working alongside Chief Operating Officer James Mason to ensure a continuity between the board of directors, fans and players.

Stefan will however remain in Germany for at least the immediate future, instead making regular trips over to be fully involved in club affairs.

Edin explained in an interview.

‘Both myself and Stefan have a background in business and sport, and after looking at a number of clubs in England, Bradford City had the potential and fan base that interested us most. We do not have plans to make big changes but to work with the existing structure. We have seen the way the club and fans interact and the model of affordable football is very important to us. I met with Phil (Parkinson) this morning and we had a very encouraging discussion about the future.’

He went on to say that obviously there was a lot of work to do over the summer and they had to ‘manage expectations’ of the fans following the sale, and admitted season ticket prices had been agreed prior to the announcement of the sale.

‘We agreed the season ticket prices before we took over because we fully support the idea of cheaper ticketing and having witnessed games here at the stadium we know how passionate the fans are. We are looking forward to working with everyone associated with the club and respect its traditions.’

Mason went on to add.

‘This is a new era in the history of Bradford City Football Club. Both my team and I will be giving our new owners all the support the club needs to succeed. I`m sure the fans will do the same. It’s a testimony to how we have developed over recent years under the stewardship of both Julian Rhodes and Mark Lawn that the club is an attractive business proposition. Our aim is to continue to grow the fan base and develop the club commercially to support Phil and the players. We know we have built a unique bond with the club and its supporters at the heart of the community. We are a very special club with undeniable potential.’

It was also explained that the decision to delay the news of the takeover was so that nobody was distracted in the Play Off game.

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