Date: 13th August 2009 at 10:46pm
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Vital Bradford is continuing to experiment with the use of Twitter to bring live, up to the minute content to our readers.

Tomorrow’s game will be the first time that we can put that to the test. It’s my hope that over the season we’ll start to get people Tweeting from around the ground during the match and that this will prompt debate. We might even get some opposition involved?

It’s an experiment, and it may not work but I hope you’ll join in with it if you can!


If you need an account just visit Twitter and sign up, it’ll take a few minutes.

Don’t forget that if you want your messages to appear below you need to include #bcvpv.

Vital Bradford takes no responsibility for the content published in this feed. Twitter is an entirely unmoderated environment and I would encourage you to remember this before letting children use this service.