Date: 3rd June 2008 at 12:08am
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Season ticket holder last season? Not renewed yet? Then you’ll be getting a phone call from the club as the final push to sell the 9,000 adult season tickets gets under way.

We had a pretty good day sales wise today to take the total to 7379 and 5710 adults. That means we’re still 3290 adults away from the free seats with only 13 days to go.

So, the club have come up with a pretty novel idea – cold calling the fans to find out why they have yet to renew their tickets.

Speaking to the Telegraph and Argus (he was busy today) Mark Lawn said ‘we’re looking to ring all those on our records who have not renewed and see what we can do about it.

It’s a customer care package to try to find out if there is any reason behind people holding back. It’s nothing heavy but just a ring-round to talk to those fans.

If you haven’t received a letter or an application form from us by now, then you won’t be getting one. So please, get in touch with the club and we will forward you the details as soon as possible.

We really want this scheme to work and it will benefit the club with the quality of players we are trying to bring in. The bigger signings we are talking to want to come here because of the fan base.

We’re not panicking but we would have expected to have sold more by now.

We don’t want people who are hanging on to miss out. The £150 deal will definitely end on June 15.’

So, if you’re hoping for the club to go ahead with the offer anyway then you’re going to be disappointed and likewise if you’re holding out for the last minute to pick yours up then why? Just get down to VP or give them a ring and make it happen.

3290 is a lot of sales to make and if you know anyone who is in two minds about whether or not to get one encourage them to do so. More fans equals more income equals better players equals better prospects.

Last year was disappointing, this year is all set to be much better. Particularly if the rumour mill has any truth in it at all…


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