Date: 29th January 2018 at 5:35pm
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The Poll on the website has been going for almost a week now and we’re still inconclusive between ourselves as fans as to whether McCall should stay of go.

At time of writing the results are 45% stay, 55% go. However, what this doesn’t say is WHY McCall should go.

Manager should take the flak
Many people believe that if a team play badly then the buck stops with the manager. He picks the team, he selects the tactics, therefore usually in the chairman’s mind the first to go. So, in this instance, 5 straight loses should mean it’s McCall’s fault.

Now, I’m going to be THAT man that sits in the middle; and not just to be awkward. I do see if from both sides of the coin. His tactics were unpredictable and that excited fans and confused opponents. Now, because of lack of personnel, there is no spark or that ‘confusion’ on the pitch, we’re easily read and found out. We have said on multiple occasions in the media ‘We need Wyke’ – so if you were an opposition manager against Bradford what would you do? – Yup, mark him out of the game. What’s our plan B… well we cant have one.

Surely, its the Chairman then
Well, no, but yes. Admittedly the change in the way Bradford City is run behind the scenes is going to cause a bit of uproar. Many of the staff being there for years and just ‘doing their job’, perhaps we needed that revamp. But, IS the German approach all hands on and direct what we needed yet? Are we just not prepared for this yet.
Chairmen have said from day one, we have some money to compete, but we also have a budget, which is less than your Wigan’s, Scunthorpe’s, Blackburn’s of our league. With those teams in it we were never going to compete. So it frustrates me when our fans say ‘stick your money in’ etc. We don’t know whats going on, who we’ve spoken to who we haven’t. What’s to say we get to an agent, who says – ‘my guy is on 5k now. If he was to move he’d need at least 8k’. Yet our top guy is on 6k. We wouldn’t break the budget, we’d end up post-Carbone days. What if we did.. and suddenly.. he’s Aron McLean! The risks in this business are that.. HIGHLY risky.

Lets look at Jake Reeves, the most recent example. Was sarcastically clapped off the field at the weekend because of his poor performances. This is opitomised here:

The debates are on that link. I’m not getting involved.. I’ll leave it there.

So why so many German’s?
Well the answer is simple.. It’s how they do their contracts. small initial wages boosted by performances, goals and the like. Pretty similar to how you used to get Kennedy Bakircioglu on Champ Man when you couldn’t quite afford his wage. The German’s know that way of wage structure so expect the same THAT’s how we’d get players on a lower initial budget.

Maybe that’s not how Sattelmeier’s contract is though eh?

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