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Well there’s a first. We often hear a lot from Edin Rahic the ‘face’ of the chairman, the one who is hands on in the board. The one who admits his history is football. But now we have heard from Mr Rupp.

For me this was necessary, the money man coming out and explaining the decision to sack Stuart. BUT.. fans again aren’t happy.

I HONESTLY do not get our lot. Stuart admitted it was results that got him sacked. Stuart admitted BEFORE he got the sack he needed 4 points from 2 games, and didn’t deliver. RUPP has said these are the reasons for the departure.

If I told you Stuart McCall once fell of a car, whilst Drunk in a Bradford car park. IF there weren’t cameras there, i’d be branded a liar.

If I told you Stuart McCall once had a fight on the pitch with his own team mate. Chances are people wouldn’t remember it and say ‘he didnt do that’ – (He did by the way, with Andy Myers at Elland Road).

If I told you Stuart once cheated in a charity game to score a goal would you believe me? – Ok, the last one was tongue in cheek but he did play in a charity game. HE wore one shirt, got the ball in his own half, took off that shirt to be in the colours of the opposition, suddenly turned round and ran towards his new target. It was all fun and games, but who ACTUALLY remembers that. IF you weren’t there you probably didnt know it happened and because its not widely reported and there were no camera’s you probably wouldn’t believe it happened.

Quite simply.. we lot 8 in 10. 6 in a row. We have a NEGATIVE goal difference. There is no way this is promotion form. There is NO WAY we’ve improved since last season. There is also NO WAY we would have turned this around without something being shaken up.
Had this been any other manager except for Stuart.. would we have been so annoyed/frustrated/upset/(any other expression) at him being sacked? Peter Taylor, Brian Robson, Chris Hutchings. All had bad records and we were glad they were out. BEeston United sacked their manager after a less of a poor run of form than our team, yet they celebrated his departure.

‘But we haven’t been out of the playoffs since HE took over’

This comment alone was a bad omen. It reminds people like the board and the people looking in HOW bad we are at present. Yes at time of writing we are still in the play-offs, but only because Peterborough and Charlton have games in hand on us. IT cements the fact we were pushing for top 2 not long back. now we’re lucky we’re in the top 6.

We have the worst record in the league.

All teams lose one or two or three in a row, most clubs bounce back or they lose their managers.

Southend, Oldham, Northampton, MK Dons, Gillingham, Bury have all had a change of managers this season in our league.

I agree Stuart IS our golden boy, ‘one of our own’, despite being from Leeds, supporting Leeds and generally being Leeds.

He’s one of ours. I’m glad he came back to try right his wrongs from his first stint, but I don’t believe it was the right time for him or the club.

Onwards and upwards as a club, the one we’ve supported since we were nippers. Everyone has a bit of Bradford in them.


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  • Antoni Preston says:

    Some rubbish there to be fair. I think the main point is that ok let Stuart go but as we have what is going to happen now? Most of the players are not happy either with the situation. Who are they going to bring in that can do more and turn our form around in the coming days. I think it will take at least 10 games to get settled which by that time we may be in 14th. So my opinion is why rock a boat thats already rocking? For anyone to think that a manager can keep us in 6th or above all season to suddenly become a ***** manager? Does not make sense. I feel he should have had these next 2 games then look into moving him.

  • PARinkauskas says:

    Fair one Antoni, but then we lose the next 2 under Stuart then he’s sacked is that not giving the new manager even less time? I’d be interested in your views as what’s rubbish in the article! – feel free to reply here or drop me a message on always interested in other fan’s views.

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