Date: 23rd January 2013 at 7:03pm
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You must all be considering it, I have put together what I consider a Bargain Break!!

The below package is a mixture of actual prices and estimates.

3 Nights in London Cricklewood Travel Lodge, which is 3 Miles from Wembley and about 5 from Central London Will Cost you £127 Fri – Mon for 2.

Train From Bradford to Sheffield return on the Friday and the Monday £14.40 each so £28.80

Train tickets from Sheffield to London on the Friday £6 with Mega Train. (£12 for 2)

Underground 2 passes approx £12

Liverpool fans got tickets for £40 last year for two £80

Underground on the Monday £12

Train back to Sheffield on the Monday £6 each (£12 for 2) and then you have your return back to Bradford!!!

So it comes out at £283.80 for 2 people. 3 Nights and Tickets!!

£141.90 lets have a great weekend!!

Any thoughts on the plan???


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