Date: 2nd August 2017 at 4:45pm
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What a crazy couple of weeks, my house has been on the market for 2 years, and with some delays, finally everything has been confirmed this past week. So why am I bringing this up on here?

Well, spending a solid 3 and half days clearing my house out, and having to live at my mum’s for a week before moving into our new place, I sure have discovered a lot of clutter that I haven’t even gazed upon for over a decade and what a nightmare what to do with it. I had no time to sell it, some was worthless to the average Joe, but I did manage to take about 6 bin liners full of DVDs, CDs, clothing, collectibles and stuff to Kirkwood Hospice in Batley, mainly to clear myself a lot of space and down scaling, but this is where City comes in.

In my attic I had dozens of season previews for the Bulls and City from the last couple of decades, many pages had discoloured and the textures going a bit crispy on some pages fearing they will tear apart when prying some of the previews over. Articles about Robbie Paul back in a time when he was called Robbie Paul, lifting trophies, articles on the focus of promotion for the forthcoming season for City with players such as Wetherall and Windass, yes I know, it didn’t exactly go like the expectations. Prospects coming through trying to break into the first team such as Bentham and Penford , dozens of happy and unhappy memories flooding back, and the crazy thing is, no matter how bad the memories, it is always good to reminisce.

No matter what our lass says, those old City shirts have shrunk, a signed home shirt from 2007/08 which I may give to City when they have their next charity. A signed Bulls shirt which I have always planned to get framed, think it was from the season we signed Lesley Vainikolo, and that great ‘Barca’ away top from about 15 years ago, I’d still wear today to matches, but hibernating away in my attic, it has shrunk a size or 2. My Bulls shirt still fit, but I just don’t feel I want to wear them anymore, especially the Blue away shirt.

Every home match programme from the centenary season in 2 special Centenary binders which still look neat, but you can hear them peeling apart when you try and take one out, and from a time, I bought a match programme at every single rugby or footy match I went to. Programmes from Wembley, Old Trafford with the Bulls, and God knows how many dozens of match tickets and season ticket stubs/booklets from over the seasons.

So now, a dilemma has reared it’s ugly head, oh what to do with everything. Some collectors items, some items of interest even for the passing City fan, and a reminder of prints such as the Yorkshire Pink, but most of it worthless tat which I like to look at, but that’s just it, I don’t look at the stuff anymore, but never wanted to get rid.

So as life goes, circumstances change, I’m moving in with my fiancĂ©, although a bigger house, I’ll have less room personally than having my own place. All this City/Bulls stuff comes at a negative, i.e. weight and space. It took me a full week to make the decision to bin all the T and A previews/reviews, damn, I’ve just realised I’ve thrown the Telegraph and Argos away which had a pic of me with Vainikola at Valley Parade on pitch side, during the Bulls brief relocation to Valley Parade for a couple of season, the match home to Warrington, for me choosing the winning tune to be played for when Vainikolo scored a try, yep, that was me (and another kid chose the same tune). But it has got to a stage, time to let go. With a relative dyeing last year, I realised that items are just clutter for other people, and one day will just end up in the bin and landfill when I do finally pop my clogs. My bin man might take a few of the items I’ve binned, but I still have a load and it begs the question, do I sell or give to charity? I know what I gave away this past week I could have got a few hundred pounds, but in the greater scheme of things, some charities need it more than I do. As everything is on the internet nowadays, there is less need for “clutter” especially material to read and for the more illustrious games, there are clips on YouTube that I do regularly enjoy. One thing, I will be keeping 1 eye out for City auctions as the club do have some good causes.

So if any other fans are in a same situation or will be as I am, letting go and giving stuff away may be gut wrenching at first, but there is that bit of satisfaction in passing things on rather than just putting things in the attic never to be looked at ever again.

It is always good at the time to collect what we can about our beloved club, but long term sooner or later some of the stuff is no more than memories from another age. I’ve made the tough decision, and this decision will come headlong to about 99% of City fans and supporters at some stage in life.

My advice is, buy things that you will enjoy, and buy for that reason only. I’ve got a City mug still in it’s box from over a decade ago, never been used, but I now ask myself, why?

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